Shape the future through great learning experiences

Our aim is to inspire young people and to encourage them to pursue education and a professional career within
aviation. Through practical learning activities, and the opportunity to fly an airplane in realistic flight simulators, the
visitors in Newton Flight Academy get a unique insight into the multifaced world of aviation.
Focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and the topics of aerodynamics, navigation
and meteorology makes Newton Flight Academy relevant to schools and educational institutions for all students
from the age of 12 years or older. To motivate young people, with the rapid technological development in society
overall, it is all about making the education inspiring and rewarding.
According to Boeing, 1 million aviation technicians and pilots are needed over the next 20 years. The clear educational
focus, related to the variety of job opportunities in the industry, may encourage the workforce of tomorrow to
explore their opportunities further.
Our ambition is to establish Newton Flight Academies worldwide in cooperation with key players in the aviation
We believe in a long term strategy, cooperation and a clear focus on STEM education. Creating a large base
of competent young people ready to enter the aviation industry. Inspiring education will be a crucial element to solve
the future challenges in the industry.

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