Introduction to


Sometimes the unexpected happen, and when it does, all pilots are required to be prepared.

This flight will show you what happens when your airplane loses an engine.

Your task will be to maintain speed and control of the aircraft, to make a safe return back to Bodø.

You can expect progressive challenges along the way.

You will learn about maneuvering techniques, which are important to know in order to handle an emergency situation.


Your flight includes the following:

  • A qualified instructor

    Your personal flight instructor will make sure that your flight is a success!

  • A detailed briefing

    In the real world, all pilots do a thorough briefing before taking flight. This is to prepare well, and visualize the flight before actually performing it.

  • 1 Hour of flight time

    Your instructor will guide you along the way, for a total of 1 hour.

  • Pricing

    Introduction to Emergencies starts from NOK 800

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